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September 10, 2009


Aarene Storms

Oh, yes, I recommend that you DO try out American Gods. It's not really fantasy...more like, um, "speculative fiction." And hey, what fiction isn't speculative?

My mom "hates" science fiction and fantasy, but when she was teaching 7th grade I insisted that she read one sf and one fantasy book per year. She still loves Ender's Game and Z for Zachariah. Maybe you'd like to give those a whirl?


I fear admitting this as well, but I read Ender's Game and was less than thrilled. It's a valid suggestion though!

Roman Stadtler

Well, I'd call American Gods fantasy, firmly based in western mythology. Lindsey, try The Sparrow by that woman whose name I can't remember right now. It's SF for non Sci-Fi/Fantasy readers. What'd you think of some of the early SF, like Frankenstein, or H.G. Wells stuff? Or Fantasy like the Narnia books?

Roman Stadtler

And yeah, zombies count. That's a 'lively' (HA!) sub-genre of sci-fi.


I read some of the Narnia books as a child and have a vague recollection of enjoying them. My heart is beginning to race at all these suggestions--I'm feeling the pressure to have to read at least one of them now. Maybe I should set a date to have one completely read and do a report back. That sounds scary, though!

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