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May 05, 2011


Elizabeth Frank

I'm with you on many of these, although I don't know how you escaped "Catcher in the Rye" being assigned to you. IMO, "Catcher" is seriously class-bound, time-bound, adolescent-focused and these days would be published as a YA.

HOWEVER, please reconsider "War and Peace." I read it in the depths of grief after my father died, and it was just the thing. I would have liked some maps or timelines (to keep up with "war") but otherwise, was captivated.

Susan J

As general rule, the newer and more popular the book, the less likely that I've read it! :)


I would say glad you skipped out on : Crime and Punishment and The Hobbit. Those weren't my favorites.

I did like Paradise Lost though...and HP. No worries. There's so many books to read it's not like we're going to have a shortage we'll eventually get to the ones that "everyone" read :P


Certainly everyone has different interests. But I'm wondering what criteria you used to put a book on this list. Isn't it kind of hard to judge a book you haven't read, or at least tasted?

Books on Small Business

I am also such a bookworm and glad to have stumbled on this blog.

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