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May 23, 2011


Barbara Jean De Jong

Thank you, Mr. Martini, for your gracious and informative appearance at Village Books in Fairhaven, Bellingham, Wa.
We enjoy SO much your writing and plot lines in your fabulous novels!!
We wish you had more, but you are our most favorite author, writer of quality and intriguing material!!
P.S. Hearing you speak, seeing you in person, was exciting and interesting.
Your fan forever ~ BJ

P.P.S Ok, you are very attractive also. There.

Julian Ysais

Mr Madriani:

I have read and enjoyed most all your books and especially like the Paul Madriani novels. I have to say I was disappointed with The Rule of Nine as, to me it was just a continuation of Guardian of Lies and apparently is going to continue into another book with the same villan. Please put the evil Liqida to rest and move on to stories that have a full ending, as so many of your books have had.

Karla Anschuetz

Great writing makes for a good read. It doesn't however allow one to do one's housework when needed. I've jumped out of my chair more than once when I realized I had been reading for hours and my husband was due home any minute. It's a great way to have aerobic exercise without planning it.

Thanks again for your writing!
Karla Anschuetz

Dean Prigmore


I'll add my accolades to those whose messages appear above. I await the publication of each of your novels with far greater anticipation than with any other modern writer. Your approach is as definitive as the two novels mentioned in your May 23rd blog. You have achieved a distinctive place among the many professional tellers of lies, and the output of your creative brain is regarded by those of us who are your avid devotees as nothing short of literary genius. Keep on keepin' on, my friend.


Russell Clark

Mr. Martini, I am writing from New Zealand. I have read many of your books but the local bookselers in Auckland advise that the last book of yours released here was Double Tap (which I enjoyed) no others have been released since. I wonder if you could advise why this has happened.

many thanks,

Russell Clark.

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