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July 28, 2011


Brian C. Smith

I visited Village Books last week while my stepson was at orientation at nearby WWU. I was very, very impressed with the VB store and really excited to see the EBM available. Though I didn't see it in action, I appreciate the value of it as I work in K-12 education. I was excited to see the books by local students printed on a nearby shelf. While I live in western New York, I won't be visiting VB as often as I'd like, but I am sharing what you are all doing over there with my library media friends and my employers. After a little research I learned that the EBM is a Xerox product, at least that's what Google offered initially. Xerox is based in my hometown and I'm left wondering if any bookshops, that are left, are taking advantage of this wonderful resource. So after this long winded comment I have a question for you... do you know of other bookshops/stores across the country who are using the EBM?


Hi Brian,

So glad you got to check out the machine! We have about 60 authors taking advantage of printing their own books with us (some who have multiple books!) You can see a list of EBM locations around the world here: http://www.ondemandbooks.com/ebm_locations.php.

Thanks for spreading the news about this new technology!

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