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November 10, 2011


Bookkeeper sunshine coast

Jeffrey has made his point when he said that Dogs make us human. I really agree since the relationship towards dogs become intimate and passionate in training them. We feed, walk and play with them. yes, dogs really make us human.

Bookkeeper Brisbane

Yes, dog makes us human. Because of their cleverness, we are able to show kindness to them. I love dogs. They are really men's bestfriends.

dog daipers

I really like animals. It started when my friend has many animals in their house. I saw how they took appropriate them like people. Now, I started to really like them as my own.

Laura Haney

I cannot believe that this bond, born of necessity and molded into the deep recesses of our psyches and culture, is the foundation of our canine helpmates, companions, workers, medical lifesavers, friends, family members, objects of value and sometimes even, food.

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