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December 01, 2011



When I was almost done with my BA in English, TIME magazine ran an article about job prospects -- and an English degree was described as "a pre-requisite for unemployment". Didn't really work out that way at all...

Mary Burns

Kyle, this deeply resonated with my 20-year-old self...I have an English degree, despised my one year of teaching English, got a Master's in Social Psychology, then a Master's in Business Administration...had several business careers - marketing, management, management consulting, as well as teaching university business...good careers but there was always a part of me that was dissatisfied. Boredom fertilizes the seed of disease to a creative person. I took English because I loved it too...now that I am 65, I am returning to the the pursuit of writing and literature. Loved your reference to an AA meeting and not needing to go into therapy...


Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad to know there are others out there who feel the same way!!

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