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February 16, 2012


Pamela Beason

It's not the setting but the cat that does it. My cats tell me when I need to sit down and read and provide a tranquil lap for them to snooze on. We do it to wake up in the morning and calm down before bed each night, and whenever we can find quiet moments in between. Purring cat + good book = a fine day, no matter the weather.


Lindsey, I love the feeling you evoke with this blog entry, especially since I'm watching (and listening to) the same rain you are! There is a deep and abiding connection with rain and reading for me as well, but the rain also brings an irresistible magnetic force that draws me to the chocolate chip package and the mixing bowl. Put the two together, and that's nirvana on a drizzly day!

Bookkeeping Brisbane

When I read your blog, a smile just crept up my face because there really are times or conditions that make you want to read. It’s like an itch that you cannot contain. But in my case, every time I hear the waves of the sea, I always get the itch to read. There are also times in where the stress of life just drowns me, I look for a temporary escape and grab a book and relax for a few hours. Thank you for sharing your blog!

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