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August 31, 2012


C Marcia

Nice list! Pretty accurate. although a tiny piece of my heart will always feel bad for Theon.
Jonica--have you read Bacigalupi's Pump 6 stories? It won't make you any more fond of Anderson Lake, but it has two stories that expand the Windup Girl's world a little more, and I loved the extra sneak peek.

Catherine Gergen

The 98% from ATLAS SHRUGGED. I felt frustration at their refusal to take the helm of their OWN lives....a bit like our current culture... Catherine

Kacie @ Village Books

In response to Jess and Marcia...
The only characters I despise more than Theon in ASOIAF are Joffrey and Ramsey... and without being spoilery I will say that two of those three characters had a satisfying comeuppance, but ditto on feeling a bit of pity for Theon...

how to find mr. right

I have come across novels that have villains that get under my skin but these villains make the stories much more interesting. When we truly hate the villains this just means that we are hooked in the story. But, as for me, i really hate Christian Grey. He should check himself in a rehab center or something. Or get some therapy.

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