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October 25, 2012



Lindsey I know exactly how you feel. It is a beautiful thing to develop such an intimate bond with a book that you wish to keep it truly private, and yet you also want everyone to dip their mind into the same book and fall in love just as you did. I understand the tainting you mention, even the merest hint of another's vision can alter your own severely. However, I think the Book Thief being made into a movie is far from heartbreaking. There are some people who will see the movie and fall in love with the story just the same as you did, albeit through the book. Some of those people who see the movie would never have read the book, and if the Book Thief can bring delight into more lives, regardless of form, would you begrudge them that joy simply for the possible taint of your beloved?


I would love for others to be introduced to the beauty that is The Book Thief, but like the movie for "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close," I most likely will not see it. I won't be able to undo the images from the movie & don't want an actor's face attached to a character in the book. I don't feel that way about all books, just some that are particularly close to my heart. The Book Thief is a gorgeous story, and how Marcus Zusak made Death into one of the most charming characters in literature is beyond me. Yes, I agree that everyone's life could be enriched by that story. But I'm 99.9% sure that my life will not be enriched by the movie.

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