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March 29, 2013


Katelyn Phillips

I get asked all the time how I read more than one book and Ialways say it's like watching a few tv shows at the same time. Every now and then though I pick up a book that I cannot put down and I'll finish that really quickly. Like in a day. I just did that with THE NAME OF THE STAR a couple months ago.


I swear we have the same exact way of being converted from reading one book to many! I used to think that I could not get as involved in the stories of the books I was reading if I read too many at once, but I have not found that to be true at all! I have also found that I can finish books more quickly if I don't stick to just one. I can't say I'm quite at the level of reading 10 at once, I usually only work on 3 at a time. But if you can keep all those story lines straight kudos to you!

With the internet becoming more prevalent in peoples' lives all the time, I believe attention spans in general are becoming shorter and shorter. Perhaps this is the solution to get more people to read books - suggest they read multiple books at a time!


I try to keep a "broccoli" book going (a "good for you" book) as well as a purely fun read!

Rachel Hanley

@Katelyn - That's a good point about the TV shows! No one gives you a hard time for following more than one TV show at a time!

@FLLiteraryLover - Exactly - I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Besides, I find that the best stories stand out no matter how many you have going.

@Anne - I find that technique helpful for balancing sad and happy books. I'll read dark books if I have reason to believe they're well-done, but dark has never been a selling point for me and a really sad book can affect my mood too much. Now I find I can just switch to one of my happier books until I'm feeling better. Taking Katelyn's example, it's like watching a sitcom after watching a dark and edgy crime show.


I find reading, regardless of the style used, to be pointless. One will eventually forget a substantial of what he or she reads at some point in their life. It is quite disheartening considering how long it would have taken that person to accumulate the knowledge that he or she would eventually lose.

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