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April 18, 2013



Great topic, Lindsey. Personally, as a lifelong avid reader and a parent, I am far more concerned with media images than I am with written language of any kind. I think that for children, traumatic or difficult-to-watch television images become burned onto the brain with far more long-lasting consequences than anything that they read. I turn the tv off, but I have never taken a book out of my kids' hands. My older son was a reluctant reader. If Captain Underpants or comic books got his attention, than I appreciated them for what they offered. I know that I read widely as a child and some things that may have been a bit too mature for me simply passed over my radar.


I agree--getting reluctant readers to read is tough, so when they finally find something they love to read, I let them read it. If something is over their heads, we can discuss it.

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